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New bridge on the Danube | Novi Sad

To the best of our hopes, the new footbridge connected to an office and hotel development will be built in Novi Sad, the capital of Vojvodina, at the lower part of the Danube.

The bridgeheads turn to the river with two L-shaped elbows, this way connecting the banks of the river. As explained by the engineers of arcvs designing the bridge, these L-shaped bridgeheads are hints at a tradition in Vojvodina established in the Hungarian times, which was recorded in the 19th century in Subotica, and I ask everyone who is interested in this connection to open the link in the next parenthesis. (Viktorija Aladžić University of Vojvodina, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Subotica vikica@yunord.net The typology of single-story houses and home design based on the example of 19th century Subotica) Here you go.

As a matter of fact, the bridge is not only a footbridge, but a multifunctional community space, creating 6,000 square meters of spaces 8 meters above the river. The hotel remains on the land, and the bridge will contain pedestrian and bicycle roads, community spaces and offices in the framework of the facility of 12 meters width, 10 meters height and 80 meters length.

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