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Our vibrant heroes

Although it’s been two days already, and thanks to this year’s late winter, the middle of March will not be remembered for events or revolutionary memorials, we still tried to commemorate the heroes of the 1848-1849 Revolution in several ways.

We had our eyes on light stencils for quite some time now, and this year’s March 15 just came in handy to use it for something, so we created a couple of large A2-size stencils out of cardboards with the images of Kossuth, Batthyány, Petőfi and Széchenyi, we placed them on a box lined to reflect light and we created the images on this beautiful spring winter night.

The essence of the technique is that we burn the pictures drawn with stencil into the image with a flash put into the box, then we remove the stencil out of the image, on which, owing to the long exposure, it will become invisible.

The logo featuring the letter H was made out of a smaller shoebox, and once again owing to long exposure, we had time to move the  from the large box to the small one and fire with that one too.

To our satisfaction, we were relatively successful with the pictures, hardly any post-production is necessary except for the correction of colors, but the faces represent 100% physical reality: portrayals painted with light.

Grandma’s carpet also appreciated the work quite much.