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Pastel symmetry, sensitized memories

Written by photographer László Sebesytén

Budapest. Rome. Siófok. Three locations, one intention. Looking for what is gone – giving body to the non-existent. 

Marietta Varga (@mattivarga) took on a difficult task: all three sections of her exhibition opened early February at Főfotó gallery try to display what is no longer there. Of course, this is only a half-truth. Locations, abandoned spaces, home interiors, buildings and the feelings left there remind us. 

The artist guides us through the insides of strange houses and apartments while looking for the remaining moments of vanished life, by playing with colors and shapes. Suddenly, someone appears in the ‘60s-’70s design. Although she is destined to represent the present, she becomes part of the past. An elusive asymmetric feeling in strict geometry – this is what keeps the pictures of the exhibition in constant tension, but somehow manages to absolve us at the end of the show. 

It’s all good. I drink my coffee calmly, at some odd and unusual peace; it got cold, of course, while I was revolving in fifty-sixty years of distance, looking at the pictures.

The Matti Varga at Főfotó exhibition is still open until the middle of March at Baross utca 10. Warmly recommended!

Cover: László Sebestyén

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