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Practice Living | Living practices for finding the balance

An activity organizer that helps us get through the period of the “forced rest”.  Demola Budapest innovation platform, Pine Design digital studio and psychologist and literature therapist Kitti Jakobovits developed Practice Living: an online available product that helps us reorganize our daily schedule and increase or sense of security.

When our regular schedules are disrupted, there seem to be too many things on our minds, one thought interrupts the other and we might feel that they have taken over control. Practice Living is a booklet or a personal diary that helps us find the balance in our everydays with the help of different tasks and practices and helps us create our the new daily routines and habits. The aim of the Practice Living initiative debuting with the activity organizer is to help those struggling with lifestyle challenges concerning large masses of people resolve these issues. It practically calls the attention to the fact that keeping the balance is in itself a development.

“We realized the severity of the situation when the state of emergency was declared in Hungary. Three weeks ago, half an hour after holding our last personal business development class, we already interviewed Hungarians in Lombardy to learn the human reactions to the coronavirus. Our first product, the Activity Organizer grew out from this explorative research. This required the time and work of 15 people from a wide variety of fields: psychology, graphic and UX design, innovation management, business development, marketing and advertising” – highlighted Attila Miklya, the leader of the project. 

But how does Practice Living work?

The booklet consists of two parts: the first part helps us see through our activities so far, and the second leads us to what we should keep or alter out of these activities, thus building a new daily routine. Writing also helps us regain control.

“The booklet can help us get a clear and comprehensive picture of the situation we are in. When we look at the completed booklet, we can see our whole life as a design laid out on the table, with the necessary steps and the final output” – adds the Practice Living team. 

Not only completing the booklet, but also preparing it had a therapeutic impact on the team participating in the project.

“The graphic design process of the booklet also served as a form of therapy, in addition to the importance of the matter. Isolation and social distancing is depressing for me and it blocks my creative energies. But the fact that I could work and design with a colorful and diverse designer team gave me inspiration for creation again” – told us Balázs Csizik, the illustrator of the booklet.

Although the Practice Living project was started as a result of the situation caused by the epidemic, it’s important to highlight that it cannot only help us in this period.

“We don’t intend the Practice Living booklet as a guideline only for battling with the situation caused by the virus. Many people think that this new situation is similar to going on maternity leave or moving abroad. The global crisis helps many people describe and process challenges which suddenly everyone became concerned by. Now we can find good and useful practices for all of this together” – highlights the team of Practice Living. 

You can access the activity organizer on this link, both in an online and printable format. Go and give it a try and join the Practice Living community!

Practice Living | Facebook | Instagram

The participants of the project:

Project manager: Attila Miklya
Booklet design concept: Kitti Jakobovits, Anna Kunos, Oszkár Nagy, Claudia Pártos, Fanni Szilvás
Booklet and website graphics: Balázs Csizik 
Website design and UI: Réka Zakariás, Dániel Benedek
Experts: László Bacsa, László Békéssy, Gabriella Csányi, Dolly Csúry, Rita Eperjesi, Francesco Recupero, Ádám Freisinger, Zsolt Miklya, Mónika Miklya-Luzsányi, Gábor Páll 

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