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Printa | The new eco-conscious collection is out now

Good news for nature-lovers: Printa’s latest spring collection has arrived!

If you enter Printa, you can see an abundance of exciting and plain products that were made in the spirit of sustainability and eco-consciousness: screen prints, decor and household objects that would all look good in our living rooms, kitchens or the children’s room as well. The peculiarity of the place is further enhanced by the fact that it is not only a store: Printa is an exhibition space, café, workshop, warehouse and office at the same time, where you can also purchase the seasonal clothing collection of the brand in addition to the various objects. Printa also pays great attention to eco-friendly solutions in creating their clothing line, too, characterized by simple lines, neutral colors and unique graphic patterns.

Without being exhaustive, we present you the wonders of the new Scribbles and stones collection.

The new clothes are defined by warm summer atmosphere and the colors of the earth – in addition to nature, however, urban elements also appear: the patterns were inspired by graffitis and tags. 

In addition to the fact that the entire collection was made by using sustainable materials, it was also an important aspect to create pieces that can be combined with each other well.

I am very proud of this SS20 collection! All of our materials have natural and eco certificates. The majority of designs are zero waste, which means that their production did not generate any sartorial waste at all. Our intern Bori Csiszár was a great help in all this: she is the undisputed queen of zero waste tailoring. We would like to thank her here, too. 

emphasizes Zita Majoros, the founder of Printa. 

The characteristic pieces of the collection include the safari T-shirt, which was made by combining a bio-cotton tee and a recycled shirtas well as the dress made out of the oekotex-linen sorona fabric, which also features the graffiti-like pattern characteristic of the collection. 

The unique pattern can be seen on several products. It’s speciality lies in the fact that it also contains important and personal messages referencing to the conscious way of living, such as less is less, 100% consciousness, or raw is the new black.

One can also purchase a straw bag matching today’s trends and created with the help of a small community in Hajdú-Bihar county to serve as an accessory of the carefully designed clothing pieces. 

The entire story is even more exciting and whole owing to the fact that the brand chose Brigi Munkácsi, the founder of the Nem Pazar blog and one of the ambassadors of eco-consciousness to be the face of the collection.

If you would like to purchase some new spring Printa pieces, you can choose your favorites in the online store of the brand.

On March 16, we temporarily closed the store, and also shut down production. Now we wait, but currently it seems like we won’t be making too many extra items of this fantastic collection. Anyone who purchased at Printa could be unique until now, too, but this is especially true in the current situation. As the products are made with absolutely timeless design, we think they can serve as the basic pieces of a conscious wardrobe for years 

Zita told us.

Go and get your Printa pieces!

Model: Brigitta Munkácsi
Lookbook photos: Szilárd Orbán
Object photography: Gergő Gosztom

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