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Quarantine through the lens of photographers

Everyone deals with the lockdown differently; there are some who focus on themselves and their environment, and there are those who focus others and on the outside world. Moment-like, slowed down scenes, relief, melancholy, escape, search for balance or self-therapy. This time, we picked our favorites from the shots of Hungarian photographers reflecting on the epidemic and capturing the atmosphere and diversity of the time spent at home through their own visual language. Here they come.

Ildikó Almási | Instagram

Day #19. Today I finally stepped out of the apartment. 

Anna Sára Somlai | Instagram

What Nana Has Been Doing in 2020 | Day 4 | A Saturday 
A Thought: Fuck that. I’m leaving. 

Csongor Szigeti G. | Instagram

Marietta Varga | Instagram

Balázs Csizik | Instagram

Enikő Hodosy | Instagram

Sándor Csudai | Instagram

Gergő Sepsi | Instagram

László Sebestyén | Instagram

Bertalan Soós | Instagram

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