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Revolutionary Note

March 15 marks an extremely important date in Hype’s life, as the successes of last year’s creative materials ‘War of Independence Now‘ and ‘Our Vibrant Heroes‘ motivated us to create something nice for the 166th anniversary of this very memorable day.

The relationship between the figures of ‘War of Independence Now’ could have hardly been more tied together than last year, where we presented Batthyány, Kossuth, Petőfi and Táncsis side by side in a Vanity Fair style. This year, we wanted to give a slightly stronger emphasis to the portrayals of the public figures of 1848-1849, this is how the idea of the scratchboard style (and, more accurately, the form of the style well known from banknotes) came.

And of course, why not be an alternative money, where Petőfi, Kossuth, Széchenyi and Batthyány form a revolutionary series that pays tribute to their memory? This is how “Revolutionary Note” was born: a fictitious payment instrument that, despite never having been in circulation, could substitute our money on the anniversary of the war of independence as a strong currency.

Respect to the brave!

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