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Savarin | Prague

Not only here in Budapest but in whole Eastern-Europe it is an ongoing project to restore the traces of damage of trendy post-war urban conceptions, and rushed, mainly political ’restorations’ or demolitions. In Pest, the Hauszmann-plan with the Buda Castle, and the Savarin in Prague are such great city investments.

The goal of the plans made by the Thomas Hearherwick office is to create accessibility in a block of buildings situated in a seemingly uninteresting area and to develop the quality of built environment. This area is a few steps away from the Vencel square, right next to the historical center of Prague and it is approx. 15,000 square meters in size. It consists of many valuable buildings among which these new plans will create accessibility.

The Crestyl contractor company’s head, Omar Koleilat said that he knows that it is a huge responsibility to work in this environment with these buildings and that is why he is glad that he can work together with such a statured architect’s office. We would also be glad.

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