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Saving the past with a twist | Martin Skoček

House V designed by Martin Skoček is perhaps the most spectacular project in Bratislava aimed at saving the past, and a vivid example of a radically new approach. Traditionally, the outside of a house is covered in brick and mortar, while the walls inside are generally painted – in this case, however, the designers reversed the order. This time, the white walls are on the outside, while the bricks are on the inside. 

An abandoned property with an unstable structure was standing in the place of the 185 sqm house up until now, and local architect Martin Skoček gave new life to the bricks that have lost their function. After demolishing the original building, the old bricks of the same were used to line the interiors of the new one.

The minimalist family home comes with most loveable elements of modern architecture: open spaces and large, floor-to-ceiling windows. The interiors are dominated by the wooden panels of the perfectly assembled pitched roof and the bricks left exposed on the walls.

Please welcome Matej Hakár‘s fantastic photos:

Martin Skoček | Web | Facebook | Instagram

Matej Hakár | Web | Facebook | Instagram

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