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Sci-fi watch | Tej Chauhan X Rado

Bold use of colors, graphics and textures spiced up with some sci-fi: meet the timepiece designed by London-based designer Tej Chauhan for Swiss watch brand Rado.

Tej Chauhan’s is known for engaging users in the design of his products also on an emotional level; his designs are many times enriched with details giving joy or inspiring awe. 

The same attitude can be observed in his watch design made for Rado, which is essentially a vibrant twist on the Swiss brand’s True Square timepiece. In designing the watch combining contemporary with traditional, Chauhan looked to iconic science-fiction films such as 2001: A Space Odyssey, Blade Runner and Moon for inspiration. The mood of the movies echo in the matt yellow ceramic finish, the display featuring exciting graphic solutions and the small window fitted with a date indicator featuring a custom-designed font.

“I wanted something that was completely distinctive, visually engaging, felt great when you picked it up and even better when you put it on” – the designer highlighted.

Tej Chauhan | Web | Facebook | Instagram
Rado | Web | Facebook | Instagram

Source: Dezeen

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