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Shapeshifting forms | Benoit Leva

Minimalist, simple and organic forms in pastel colors, in a world where nothing is what it seems like. In the animations of French designer Benoit Leva even stone turns into liquid. Click on the following stop motion videos to view them!

Benoit Leva completed his studies in Paris as a graphic designer, and later on was hired as an art director at a television channel in the French capital. His love for stop motion started five years ago, when he felt that he needed to get away from the screen, as he didn’t want to spend entire days behind his desk: “I was longing for something more craft-like, a physical job – I looked at the technique of stop motion as a combination of graphic design and manual creation”  – Benoit told us.

Originally he started experimenting with paper forms in his works, which then he replaced with other organic and natural basic elements. Currently he is most influenced by the reconstruction of the movement of water and liquid: he reproduces the process with the help of rigid and solid objects. The concepts displayed on his animations are combined with natural and light aesthetics: “I try keep my ideas as pure as possible and realize them without any unnecessary influences – he added.

Benoit’s creations not only focus on displaying a few moments. His stop motion short movie titled “I am Square” was released just recently, in which he brings to life the complexity of the individual and the diversity of emotions experienced with the help of paper cut outs.

“I think the square is the basis of every other geometric form. If we observe it more attentively, we can discover every aspect and complexity of it. From a technical point of view, the cube was the most interesting geometric shape that allowed me to present the most emotions. In the short film I essentially managed to display the most complex concepts and express them with simple, minimalist forms” – Benoit explained.

Go and follow Benoit Leva’s stop motion animations on the Instagram account of the artist!

Benoit Leva | Instagram | Vimeo

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