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SheltAir | Isolation tents for coronavirus patients

These airtight tents suitable to accommodate and isolate an entire family can be erected within eight hours. The construction designed by German architectural engineer Gregory Quinn was inspired by Bedouin tents and soon they may be used in a wide scale.

One of the greatest challenges coronavirus imposed on us is isolating the infected. There were several propositions about converting shipping containers into temporary intensive care units, however, this solution would not allow for the filtering of air either. The SheltAir tents designed by German architectural engineer Gregory Quinn are completely sealed, can be moved around easily and can be erected extremely quickly, approximately within 8 hours.

The frame of the dome-shaped tents heavily influenced by Bedouin architecture is made out of plastic, with panels consisting of inflatable cushions fitted in, with a PVC coating. The cushion solution also ensures a sealed environment. 

There are more than 100 hanging points inside the tent for the purpose of lights, utensils or partitions. The designs originally created as a response to the refugee crisis also include openings allowing for a safe nighttime purge cooling. 

Source: dezeen

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