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Skateboard wheels made of chewing gum

Greener and more colorful cities: this was the goal that hovered before the eyes of Hugo Maupetit and Vivian Fischer, students at the University of Design in Nantes, when they developed an innovative circular system in which unique skateboard wheels are made of used chewing gums that were thrown away in the city.

The project outlines a speculative collaboration between Mentos and Vans with the slogan From the streets to the streets. The former could participate in the promotion as one of Europe’s largest distributors of chewing gum, and the latter as a popular skateboard brand.

When testing the system, the young creators placed collection boards in downtown Nantes, encouraging people to stick their used chewing gum on them instead of throwing it on the sidewalk. The contents of these boards would be collected on a weekly basis and then converted into a paste in a local factory. The paste would later be shaped into small balls, from which cool wheels could be manufactured on the production line.

Hugo Maupetit  | Instagram
Vivian Fischer | Instagram

Source: Designboom

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