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Smart sanitization, not only for your hands

The issue of hygiene has taken a whole new dimension in 2020. If we asked ten people to name the first thing they do when entering their homes, almost certainly all ten would mention hand sanitization, probably still with their masks on. But what’s up with the objects that we hold in our hands continuously?

Written by: Márk Szolomayer

How many out of the ten sanitize their smartphones after coming home? Named ZERO, this good-looking and at the same time immensely useful smart sterilization product proposes a solution to this very current problem.

Designed by Designer Dot and Jung Yu Jung, the two main functions of the device is to sanitize both our hands and our smartphones at the same time. The device mountable to the wall comes with a clean and elegant silhouette, and offers a simple and pleasant user experience. Users must place their phones into the dedicated slot, and can also sanitize their hands while waiting for their phones to be cleaned.

ZERO also boasts a unique design, with only four buttons on the stainless steel casing: in addition to the usual On/Off and volume control keys, an adjustive mood light button was also installed on the device. According to the designers, seeing ZERO at night is like looking at the moon from behind rows of window shutters. This is a thought just as nice as that of sterile phones.

Source: Yanko Design

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