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Speaker and headphones in one, on your desk

This combined speaker-headphones unit designed by LeapX offers a beautiful solution to an old problem.

Written by: Márk Szolomayer

As a music fan, I am always on the lookout for new speakers, headphones and other music-related products. I listen to music almost all day, mainly on speakers when at home, and of course using headphones while traveling. Dubbed Talking Heads, LeapX’s speaker offers a solution to a problem I have also encountered many times.

This is the problem of having no clear space to set my headphones down neatly, as when not used, they take up too much space on my desk, too. Talking Heads is a speaker that doubles as a dock for storing our headphones. The stand boasts a striking, minimalist design, without looking too simple. The object has something extra in it, making it almost come to life.

At first glance, the product looks like a head listening to music. The entire sphere is one big speaker, with the headphones unit placed on top of it. Its use couldn’t be simpler: music plays via the speaker by default, but once you pick up the headset, the devices will automatically switch audio outputs. No buttons, no waiting for connection, only continuous music. Of course the “head” also charges the headphones when “they are sleeping”.

LeapX’s latest innovation is a truly useful and well-thought-out product. The market is full of headphones and stands that may look good, but ultimately only take up space on our desk. Due to its double functionality and intuitive approach, the Talking Heads combination would certainly get a place on my desk, too.

Source: Yanko Design

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