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Special breakfast places in Eastern Europe | TOP 5

So many houses, so many customs—and so many breakfast routines. A good breakfast defines our whole day, be it a quick pastry or a full English breakfast with orange juice. In our selection today, we present five of the region’s special breakfast places, where not only our stomachs will be full, but our souls as well.

Cereal Crunch | Bucharest, Romania

At the Cereal Crunch in Bucharest, we can eat the big favorite of our childhood again, cereal. Cereal Crunch offers more than a hundred varieties of cereals that can be mixed with different flavors and colors of milk and yogurts. A nostalgic adventure in a beautiful place, do you need more than that?

Anyám szerint | Budapest, Hungary

Parisian atmosphere and grandmother’s strudel: Anyám szerint (According to my mother) is a pearl in the sea of brunch places in Budapest. What makes the family atmosphere even more special is that Eszti (the owner’s mom and inspiration for the place’s name) is waiting for those interested every Wednesday with her own strudel.

JAM | Belgrade, Serbia

In addition to its decorative appearance, JAM in Belgrade also places great emphasis on local ingredients and traditional hand-made delicacies, which is why hungry day-starters are most welcome with seasonal products.

Dynia Resto Bar | Krakow, Poland

Fairy atmosphere prevails in the Dynia Resto Bar in Krakow: our breakfast can be enjoyed both on the terrace and among the nature-inspired paintings. The menu includes almost everything from classic breakfasts to special pancakes. In the sunshine, your visit is especially recommended.

Café Letka | Prague, Czech Republic

Café Letka: the place where style meets flavors. The trendy café—although not yet in this form—already existed during the monarchy, which is also reflected in the concept of interior design, as it combines the style features of a bygone era with the characteristics of modern design. Traditional Czech and international food is also on the menu.

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