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#stayhomecreative | Within four walls

In order to make the forced rest caused by the coronavirus more bearable, we asked Hungarian designers to furnish their ideal quarantine homes according to their own taste. In our #stayhomecreative series, we present the drawings of creative people whom we follow on Instagram and whom you should follow, too!

Barbara Bakos | Instagram

Roland Bánrévi | Instagram

Renáta Biacsics (Renyagyár) | Instagram

 Eszti Biró (Zugműhely) | Instagram

Panni Czikkely (Zugműhely)| Instagram

Bálint Halasi | Instagram

Jen Barbs | Instagram

Tamás Mayer (Zugműhely) | Instagram

Nikoletta Mihalik | Instagram

Nóra Tóth | Instagram

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