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Stirring up the waters of Lake Balaton | STÉG 8237

In their latest joint project, Eszter Bertóty and Milán Szabó Z. mixed the romanticism of the classic piers of Lake Balaton with modern design. Meet STÉG 8237, the latest hot spot in Tihany!

There are not too many places at Lake Balaton where we could enjoy the lake from this close, this is partly why Tihany’s new, floating event venue, the STÉG 8237 is such a special sight.

The owners invited Eszter Bertóty and Milán Szabó Z. to design the pier functioning as an event venue. The designers’ task was to complement the already existing pier, by building a completely one-of-a-kind structure on it. “The main aspect during design was safety, comfort as well as the storability and variability of the furniture, and of course to make sure it can be disassembled during winter, when the pier is removed from the water.” – added Eszter. 

In the spirit of environmental protection, the restroom and dressing room located on the shore were made of the materials of the demolished pier. The majority of the furniture was also made of used pier boards, and a part of them was custom-designed and made out of pine boards and hollow sections.

The colors of the venue make us think of the milieu of boat sheds, but fortunately the designers didn’t go too far with nostalgia. This way, the result is a freshly natural and laid-back space, where the lead role is still played by the beauty of the lake.

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