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Striped straws cause the death of aircrafts | Filip Hodas

The surreal renderings of the 3D artist Filip Hodas from Prague give a glimpse into a dystopian reality. His images are built on the contradictions of a thriving digital culture and the real world on the brink of collapse. His stunning creations often feature cartoon characters, fast food chains and pop culture references spiced with plenty of irony. His images are very impressive because they depict impossible things very realistically. In his latest sarcastic work, he presents “hazardous” wastes lurking for various “vehicle types”.

“Countless ships are damaged because of beverage packaging thrown away every year. These wrap around the hull to prevent them from moving. It is estimated that around one hundred thousand seagoing ships die every year as a result.”

“Studies show that more than a million planes die on beaches every year after they mistake thrown away striped plastic straws for runways and crash on them.”

“Discarded plastic cups are especially dangerous for trucks. Unsuspecting trucks are easily trapped when they confuse a glass opening with a tunnel.”

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