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Stylish, strong and electric: meet Mercedes-Benz’s eScooter

Mercedes-Benz’s new electronic scooter eScooter accelerates to 20 km/h in seconds.

The German car manufacturer has been experimenting with environmentally friendly transport options for years now, so it was time they released their own electric scooter. Recently they took the step and unveiled eScooter, a full suspension urban scooter outfitted with an electric motor of maximum 500 W power.

The scooter accelerates to 20 km/h in seconds, and owing to its 7.8 Ah battery, users can travel up to 25 kilometers without charging. The design follows the elegant style characteristic of Mercedes vehicles, but the designers did not forget about comfort and safety either: the latter is ensured by the wide kickboard with non-slip coating, while the latter is provided by the extra massive front wheel.

Source: designboom

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