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The coronavirus brought countless changes into our lives. Many beloved design brands are also at risk. Just like them, we also believe in the added value of Hungarian design. Our article series presents Hungarian small enterprises who could even make your days spent in quarantine a little bit better with their unique products. Browse through the cool design stuff and be a supporter of Hungarian design!


Dia Barcsi has been designing unique design toys since 2010. The products intended for kids are made in limited series with manual screen printing, with particular attention to the safety of the products. The prints are washable, feel nice and are made by using non-toxic eco-friendly textile dyes. Dia’s palette includes contrasted monochrome developing toys for babies, such as baby books, rattles and other cute stuff. In addition, the kindergarten bags and backpacks are also popular, but you can choose playmats and blankets, too.

We recommend these (click on the product’s name):

Little dog encyclopedia

Size: 9x70cm when unfolded, 9x9cm when folded, Composition: 100% cotton, HUF 6,990

BABY BLANKET_Circus ring

Size: 70×90 cm, Composition: 100% cotton + micropolar, HUF 10,500

CIRCUS RING_Multifunctional baby playmat

Size: 60 cm diameter, Composition: 100% cotton, filled with 100% PES, HUF 13,000

Want more cuteness? Go and take a look around in the online store!

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Loretta Csorba, the designer of Fӱge is a fashion designer graduated in Copenhagen, who established her ethical, organic, environmentally and skin friendly kids clothing brand in the Danish capital. The aim of the company founded in 2018 is to raise awareness and promote the values of slow life and sustainability, even amongst the smallest ones, who are our future. The brand spans over Europe, as certain pieces are made in Hungary, in a family venture.

We recommend these (click on the product’s name):


Snap tee

From organic, super soft fabrics, in pastel colors, HUF 6,599


From organic, super soft fabrics, in pastel colors, HUF 9,599

Would you like to see more? Visit the online store!

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Miaszösz Textile Toys

The Miaszösz toys have been created by Dorka Levente, who grew up in the world of fairy tales owing to her writer mother, and so she gave life to the fairy tale world evolving in herself within the walls of the Miaszösz Workshop. Dorka passionately experiments with combining materials of different patterns and texture. Every character in her product palette can be a playful, characteristic and loveable playmate of even the smallest kids. The designer pays attention to every detail: for example, she sews safety eyes for the little toys that cannot be torn off for sure. Every Miaszösz is a unique, custom designed work of art. And if someone has enough courage, they can also create their own Miaszösz rabbit, led by Dorka, with online help.

We recommend these (click on the product’s name):

Miaszösz fox in sneakers

Size: 32 cm, HUF 8,800

Piszke – Miaszösz elf girl

Size: 20 cm, HUF 8,500

Miaszösz crocodile

Size: 32 cm, HUF 8,500-9,500

What else does Miaszösz Workshop offer? Go and take a look around in the online store!

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We know both the smaller and bigger rabbits made in the workshop of Nyúlgyár, and we can recommend them from the bottom of our heart. And we are simply crazy about the giant ones. Anikó Piry creates the toys manually, by using the sartorial waste of designers and new design textiles. She uses each and every inch of the materials, nothing goes to waste except for some thread. Anikó gives life to the loveable tiny things in a small workshop of a giant factory site in Kőbánya. If you’re fed up with commercial all-the-same plush toys available in stores, choose a unique rabbit from the Nyúlgyár!

We recommend these (click on the product’s name):

Grey rabbit

Size: 35-40 cm, calico, HUF 5,500

Pink rabbit

Size: 35-40 cm, calico, HUF 5,500

Golden rabbit

Size: 35 cm, lurex, HUF 5,500

You can order the special rabbits via Facebook or Instagram direct messages from the designer.

Facebook | Instagram

pici and the city

Janka Schwertner has been designing baby clothes and accessories for urban kids since 2015. pici and the city aims to show that Budapest is a livable adventurous city which can also be discovered by the tiniest ones on all fours. She creates the trousers and playful tees for this adventure in Budapest. Although the playgrounds are closed, the tiny ones also deserve the special and lovable clothes at home, within the four walls. The latest collection was inspired by the world of circuses, and it became our favorite in an instant.

We recommend these (click on the product’s name):

The circus is here! – Kids’ top

From infants to 4 years of age, composition: 95% cotton, 5% elastane

Not my circus! – Adult women’s top

Available in sizes S, M, L, Composition: 95% cotton, 5% elastane

Fáni is my favorite! – trousers

From infant to 4 years of age, Composition: 95% cotton, 5% elastane, with recycled leather knee patches

If you’re not only interested in the MANÉZS collection, go and take a look around in the online store!

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