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Surface Book 3

Coronavirus or not, Microsoft keeps announcing its long-awaited products, including Flight Simulator 2020 or Xbox 20/20.  These are perhaps the more well-known brands of the company in addition to Windows, however, the Surface Book series often referred to as the “MacBook Killer” back in the day also deserves our attention, every element of which is a true peculiarity. Countless companies have tried to corner Apple, but the Redmond-based company came the closest to it, and, what’s even more, looking at the seemingly stuck MacBook “development” of the past years, it has probably outpaced its Californian competitor already.

Not only did they create a good computer, but they managed to put a portable power machine on the market that seems to be better than the Apple computers of its generation in terms of performance, aesthetics and all in all concept. And let’s not forget the fact that I own a piece of the latter. So the long-awaited Surface Book 3 has arrived, but we won’t bore you with either its specification or price (ahem); if anyone is interested about the details, go and check here, where you can select, calibrate and see the prices – in US dollars and with delivery, for the time being.

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