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The 21st century version of the classic Fiat 126

The Fiat 126 model released in 1972 was one of the greatest hits of the car manufacturer – now an Italian designer proposes a new, all-electric version of the iconic car.

Today we only get see one or two Polski Fiats one the streets, yet there were years, or rather decades, when this four-passenger city car was the most popular model of Fiat: almost 4.7 million units were manufactured between 1972 and 2000. 

Andrea Della Vecchia, the designer of studio MA-DE has now reinvented the classic Fiat 126: by keeping the original contour of the vehicle, he hardly changed anything on the bodywork, and replaced the engine with an electric one. What Fiat has to say about this concept is yet to be seen, but we are 100% sure that many would be thrilled to drive this iconic vehicle again.

Source: designboom

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