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The first Polish brand to create shoes from pineapple and cactus

BOHEMA Clothing is the first Polish brand to create shoes from Pinatex (pineapple leather), and they also debuted their first shoes made out of Nopal cactus with their new collection. But they don’t stop here: they are constantly on the lookout for further vegan options – Bohema is now one of the brands we must keep an eye on.

BOHEMA has only been founded a few years ago, but it’s already listed amongst the brands who are the pioneers in vegan clothing design. The originator and founder of the brand, Sebastian Szypuła has been vegan for twenty years, and is very passionate about fashion and casual clothing. However, the range of jackets and shoes usually comprises of products made of animal leather, which, of course, is incompatible with the vegan ideology. This is how BOHEMA was born: a brand addressing those who are not only looking for fashionable accessories, but who also consider it important to express their values with their appearance and to react to today’s social and ideological challenges.

Pinatex is a type of natural alternative leather, invented and presented first by Spanish designer Dr. Carmen Hijosa at her PhD diploma defense at Royal College of Art in London. A little bit about the numbers: approximately 480 pineapple leaves are needed for producing one square meter of Pinatex, and one pineapple has approx. 30-40 of such leaves. On top of that, the use of chemical agents is limited in the production of Pinatex, therefore even the production process is environmentally and consumer-friendly.

When creating his first collection, Sebastian was looking for a solution without compromises that complies with the basic principles of environmental awareness and guilt-freeness both in terms of production and use of materials. The pieces of the first collection were all made out of pineapple leather, however, the brand’s team did not stop looking for additional vegan alternatives. 

They have expanded their selection with cactus leather pieces, which have a completely different texture, even though their production is quite similar to that of pineapple leather shoes. While pineapple leather is a unique, wrinkled material, cactus leather is very smooth and so the resemblance with animal leather is uncanny. Each and every piece of BOHEMA shoes are hand-made, and the designers guarantee that their products will remain durable and comfortable for many years, which makes it an absolutely great investment for those choosing responsibility in terms of their clothing, too.

The current portfolio of the brand includes 13 different types of shoes, and every product is 100% vegan. As to style, you can find cowboy boots, boots, heels and pumps, too. The shoes are made in all kinds of colors from black to white, and you may even find hologram patterns.

The team of BOHEMA Clothing is already working on the spring collection, in which they will add shoes made out of vegetable leather to the currently used materials. On top of that, the next collection will offer men’s shoes, too!


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