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The future of urban freight transport | Mastiff Cargo Bike

Reliable, durable and environmentally friendly: Mastiff Cargo Bike, the cargo bike designed and manufactured in Hungary, debuted in the spirit of promoting and developing sustainable transportation. The gap-filling Mastiff cargo bikes can replace cars in short and medium distance freight transport and transportation. 

Tamás Varjú, the mind behind the brand conceived the idea of Mastiff in 2017. Tamás comes from the field of sociology, and so social responsibility and the principle of sustainable growth also played a key role in his professional life: he primarily focused on promoting and developing bike transportation and was looking for ways to make it safer. He and Dávid Fekete, the lead engineer of the project, started developing the cargo bikes three years ago, until in October 2020 they created the final version.

“The story of cargo bikes stemmed from our desire to create something that is useful for the society, beyond the regular limits. I firmly believe that cargo bikes mean the future of urban freight transport, as they are quick, effective, low-cost, healthy and environmentally friendly,” Tamás highlighted.

Mastiff Cargo Bike is virtually a single-track, i.e. two-wheeled bike, which is capable of moving a load of up to 100 kilograms with its 80 cm loading platform. You can order your Mastiff with various accessories, allowing you not only to carry various goods but also transport pets, kids or even young adults with reduced mobility.

The cargo bikes are available in the brand’s online store, but you can also try them in person in Debrecen, in Mastiff Cargo Bike’s showroom. The brand is currently working on building a reseller network, so that the Mastiff’s can be available in other parts of the country, too.

Photos: Mastiff Cargo Bike

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