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The Kelenföld bus garage turns 70 this year

It is built of shell fields of an elliptic paraboloid shape supported by reinforced concrete arches with a wingspan of 82 meters – a world record at the time of the structure’s handover. This is the Kelenföld autobus garage, the building of which constructed with a stretched shell structure and without columns celebrates its 70th anniversary this year.

The assembly hall was handed over on January 1, 1949. The building constructed based on the designs of Gyula Jenő Padány and István Menyhárd was declared an industrial heritage building in 1997. From 1997, it operated with a significantly expanded scope of tasks under the name Kelenföld Autobus Directorate of Operation, as of 2000, as the Buda Autobus Directorate of Operation, and from August 1, 2008, as the Kelenföld Autobus Site.

Currently, the 320 buses are stored on a total storage area of 40,300 square meters, and the daily maintenance and repair works of the buses are carried out in an assembly hall of 8,500 square meters, on 15 repair stations and 2 elevated stations. Holding an annual open day in the Kelenföld division is a tradition, and the tradition will be kept this year, too, on the 70th anniversary of the handover of the garage.

On April 6, 2019, BKV Zrt. will welcome all those interested to visit the hall of the bus garage. For further information about registration and the detailed program of the event, please check the website of BKV Zrt.

I have created two posters for the landmark anniversary about the characteristic buildings of the bus garage.

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