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The revolutionaries of March

The same as in every year, HYPE commemorates the events of 1848 this year, too. 2016 marked the fourth year of creating works inspired by the emblematic figures of the revolution and the war of independence. While in the previous years, we mainly focused on Sándor Petőfi, Lajos Kossuth and István Széchenyi – this year we put our emphasis on the revolutionaries of the events of March 15.

The pioneers of our national identity were undoubtedly the few men under 30 years of age, who are today known as the March revolutionaries (márciusi ifjak). In this year’s composition, I looked for leaders whom we tend to mention the most when talking about the events of March 15. I chose the three leaders and organizers of demonstrations: Sándor Petőfi, who wrote the National Song for the big day, Mór Jókai, who read the proclamations out loud, and Pál Vasvári, who held a speech at the National Museum.

I used contemporaneous drawings and portrayals for creating the three figures, and I tried to depict them in a manner that their figure tell about heroism, audacity and steadfastness regardless of their era.

I have used the Zbrush digital sculptor-modelling program, and I formed the facial expressions of the characters in a way to create a dramatic effect. We commemorate the March revolutionaries and the 168th anniversary of the revolution with the portrayals of the three figures with steadfast marble effect.