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The UAE’s first spacecraft enters the Martian orbit

The spacecraft of the United Arab Emirates, called Hope, entered the Martian atmosphere, and the team of scientists on the mission put the device into orbit around the planet.

Many nations have already launched their space programs, but the question of when the Arab world would join the race has always been a topic of discussion. For the first time in the history of UAE space missions, the country is now officially studying the Martian atmosphere as the fifth player after the United States, Russia, India and Europe.

Source: MBRSC

The satellite carries three instruments. These will observe the presence of hydrogen and oxygen atoms, which could provide a deeper insight into the remnants of Mars’ once abundant water.

We can expect a lot more of these fantastic news this year, as many countries are now considering Mars missions.

Source: MBRSC
Source: MBRSC
Source: MBRSC
The research team
Source: MBRSC

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Source: BBC

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