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Thermometer and blood-test-kit in a single device | Covid-19

Right in the middle of the pandemic, Indian designer Anshuman Kumar designed a conceptual product which, once placed on the market, could be of great benefit for doctors, nurses and even everyday people in establishing swift diagnoses.

The device is not your average thermometer – it can process the data generated from the body temperature and blood sample at the same time and detect whether the given pathogen (in this case, Covid-19) exists in the patient’s body, but according to plans, it will also be able to recognize several other viruses, too.

The product goes by the name OZE and bears the characteristic features of the Pininfarina brand. On the back of the device, an infrared thermal-scope sensor ensures contactless reading of body temperature. 

The monochrome interface displaying the figures is divided into two parts: the left side reveals information about the patient, while the right side displays data about the environment (weather and air quality). In the oblong part below the interface, the device communicates with us, the users: for example, it recommends that we consult our doctor if it detects a problem.

The device also offers a virus testing module: you can find the blood-test-kit by popping the base off, with two sample materials in its cartridge (the Covid-19 causing the current pandemic as well as the Hantavirus that suddenly appeared in China sometime in March ). The device also entails a “needle” resembling that of glucose meters to prick the patient’s fingertip with. 

OZE helps us decide whether we should consult a medical professional when we experience some symptoms by offering a swift test. Perhaps the extremely useful device (with remarkable design) will form part of every household in the future. 

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Source: Yanko Design

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