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Third-generation passenger spacecraft | Virgin Galactic

The spaceship VSS Imagine evokes the world of sci-fi with its body gleaming as a mirror: the first tests have begun, and according to plans, the brand new spacecraft might already take off this summer.

A big novelty of Virgin Galactic’s third-generation passenger spacecraft is modular design: it makes it much easier to maintain and increases the potential number of subsequent flights.

The company has set a target of 400 flights per year, per each of their spaceports. To reach this, they still have a lot to improve, but VSS Imagine means taking a huge step on the path of development.

They didn’t put their feet up: they’re already working on a second spacecraft model, the VSS Inspire. With these two new models, Virgin Galactic wants to bring spaceflight closer to its future audience. Six hundred people have already bought tickets for the company’s flights: the company promises that flights from each spaceport will provide a dramatically different, unique experience.

Source: TechCrunch

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