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TouchMe | Your body is an instrument

When people touch each other, they release great amounts of energy. In this touchless period, we decided that we still would like to call the attention to the importance and power of touch, by presenting a marvelous instrument of Playtronica.

The Touchme created by Playtronica is a simple and intuitive instrument that helps us experience the diversity of touching: it transforms human touch into sounds and then into music. We show you how!

You don’t need any musical training to use TouchMe, only your body and a computer. Another peculiarity is that TouchMe also works by touching water or any kind of electro conductive objects. The essence is to create a closed circuit between the chosen object, TouchMe and ourselves. We can modify the sounds by changing the size and intensity of the surfaces: high intensity creates a high-pitched sound, and a slight touch generates a deep sound. We can also control the tone of the sounds generated with the help of the buttons of the instrument as we like. It’s as simple as that! 

If you would like to give it a try, you can order the TouchMe tool here.

Playtronica web | Playtronica Instagram 
Playtronica Souncloud | Playtronica YouTube

Playtronica’s aim is to create the possibility of interactive musical experience. They have already collaborated with different galleries, artists and museums, including Pompidou, amongst others, and global brands such as NikeMercedes Benz or Google.

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