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Treasure boxes—Vintage shops in Eastern Europe | TOP 5

Zebra stripes, statues of Mary, crazy glasses, viscose boots—the diverse offer of second-hand and vintage stores can surpass all our imaginations. Beyond the playful sense of life, these stores reflect important guidelines: in addition to valuing uniqueness and antiques, they are the most important representatives of sustainable fashion. In our selection today, these places will play the main role!

LoveBug Vintage | Budapest, Hungary

The LoveBug Vintage in Budapest is a real antique hut. The selection is varied: everything from rustling Adidas jackets through Martens boots to folk-inspired accessories can be found here. In addition to the colorful products, there is a special, bohemian atmosphere in the shop, where thematic henna painting is sometimes held.

Flaming vintage & second hand | Krakow, Poland

Flaming vintage and second-hand evokes a real thrift shop atmosphere. In addition to the iconic clothes of the eighties, second-hand designer pieces also emerge on the hangers. What is this if not conscious shopping at its best?

BOHO Vintage Concept Shop | Prague, Czech Republic

The BOHO Vintage Concept Store is an art wardrobe with an authentic atmosphere for those who are looking for an original style and are not satisfied with the shopping opportunities provided by fast fashion stores. Behind the BOHO brand lies a special taste of fashion emancipation that is not one of the mass trends. BOHO is a real bohemian farm, where you can have coffee if you like.

NOX vintage retro store | Bratislava, Slovakia

If you enter the NOX Vintage retro store, you can time travel. Located in the heart of central Bratislava, the store offers a lot of things that our grandparents loved too. Highly recommended for porcelain tableware and ornaments fans!

Szputnyik Shop | Budapest, Hungary

Szputynik Shop is one of the most famous vintage and designer shops in Budapest, where those interested can choose from the trendiest pieces in a simple environment. In this place, everyone will find the clothes that suit them best.

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