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Simple geometric forms combined with a distinct color palette and hand-crafted techniques: the modernist furniture pieces of NOOM Studio pay homage to suprematism and the Bauhaus. 

NOOM Studio was established by Kateryna Sokolova and Arkady Vartanov in 2017. The majority of their products are made of metal, with each and every piece combining traditional, artisan and modern technologies. Their creative attitude is heavily influenced by the elements of geometric abstraction and suprematism.

“When you live and work in the city where the genius of SuprematismKazimir Malevichwas born, studied art, and taught at the Art Academy, and when you walk the same paths and even have the workshop on the street that bears his name, it’s only a matter of time, until this presence starts to inspire your creation,” the designers said.

The studio’s iconic household objects include the vase and lamp collection dubbed the Suprematic Collection, each piece of which gives new life to basic suprematist geometric shapes. In addition to an aesthetic function, the circle, square and rectangle-like shapes also fulfil a functional role: they work as dividers and holders for various elegant floral compositions. The vases are named after famous modernist artists: this is how the Malevich Vase, the Yermilov Vase, the Delaunay Vase and the Ekster Vase were born.

The combination of functionalism, artisan techniques and art, as well as the compositions made up of simple geometric shapes also appear in NOOM Studio’s first furniture collection.

“As a creator I always feel a strong impact the cultural legacy of the XX century has on me. After the collection of light and decor that was dedicated to great suprematists, we
launched our first furniture collection as a tribute to remarkable thinkers and designers of the Bauhaus Schoo
l,” NOOM co-founder Kateryna Sokolova highlighted.

The Gropius chair was born as part of the collection, for instance, with shapes inspired by the sphere and the cylinder, and named after Walter Gropius, the founder of the Bauhaus school. The armchair is available in white and cobalt blue, and comes with an optional matching pillow and stool.

Go and explore NOOM Studio’s modernist furniture pieces on the website of the brand!

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