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You can judge a gin by its label | TOP 5

The alcoholic drink once used as an antidote to malaria is more popular today than ever before. As it is also important how a delicious cocktail looks in front of us, what matters as well is what kind of packaging the gin itself gets. Our exciting selection follows from Eastern Europe.

Luftbremzer | Croatia

In Croatia, Luftbremzer Gin is made with great care and exclusively by hand. Striving for the highest quality, each bottle is numbered with meticulous care. This classic London Dry gin has been given a truly unique look by designer Denis Kovac and illustrator Vedran Klemens: the drink is bottled in a classic-shaped pharmacy bottle, and the simple, sans serif typography on the label harmonizes with the meticulously crafted parrot illustration.

Aeijst | Austria

Ethereal purity and infinite simplicity characterize the appearance of the Austrian Aeijst gin. Christina Michelitsch, who is responsible for the design, also went for a self-evident medicine bottle and then bravely moved on, as Aeijst doesn’t even have a label. We can read the logo created from the special name printed on the transparent glass itself. In this case, too, the simple typography is complemented by an illustration. The exclusivity of the brand is emphasized by its wrapping paper decorated with herbal motifs. 

Photos: Aeijst

Broken Bones | Slovenia 

Gin and whiskey form the main profile of the Slovenian Broken Bones distillery. The traditional recipe and a hint of Slovenia make all their products really special. The craft gins owe their characteristic taste to herbs from the slopes of the Karst Plateau. The brand identity is made truly unique by the combination of colors and illustrations that reflect the nature of the gins.

Photos: kozelj, the gin observer

Seven Hills | Hungary 

In addition to the Red Dot Award-winning Opera Gin, we can already find more and more quality, handcrafted gins in Hungary. This line is strengthened by the Tokaj Gin of Seven Hills made in Bodrogkisfalud, which also received prestigious recognition internationally in 2020. The appearance of the glass perfectly reflects what makes the Seven Hills distillate so special: when displayed with a few but effective tools, the image of the wine region, Tokaj-Hegyalja, which gives the true essence of gin, emerges almost as an optical illusion.

Photos: Seven Hills

Young Salt | Serbia

The gin of the Belgrade-based Young Salt distillery is literally the black lamb of our selection. The visual identity of the Serbian alcoholic drink is the result of the work of designer Stefan Knezevic. Three different stories come to life on three different bottles: on jet-black bottles, three different looks of the same sea are drawn in white: the calm, the surging, and the swirling. The pieces in the series can be interpreted as stages in our lives or even in our intoxication. 

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