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(English) TypoTok – Let's Talk about Typography!

A few weeks ago at the Academy of Art in Cracow (Poland) an event called TypoTok was organized to celebrate typography. It lasted only for one day and presented three lectures, but various aspects of typography and fonts were touched. The conference was organized by Aleksandra Toborowicz (from Lettering Studio at Academy of Art in Cracow), Fundacja Sztuki Nowej Znaczy Się and Metaforma Cafe.


Jan Bajtlik, one of the most famous young Polish graphic designers was talking about creating typography and fonts for kids. During his presentation he started from the very beginning of his career and gave some details about his studies, his inspiration and the reasons for concentrating on this area. It was interested to see and compare bad and good examples of typography used in books and graphics for kids.


Bajtlik gave workshops – based on letters and fonts – for children, and after doing some research and gaining experience in workshops, he created the book Typogryzmoł, which is like a handbook that develops creativity by using writing letters. He noted how typography was important in graphic design, and how many people had completely forgotten about it – for example at schools during elementary education.

Rene Wawrzkiewicz was talking about the occurrence typopolo, which is an aesthetic phenomenon of typography used in trade and in shops in the 90s by amateurs. All signboards together with different pieces of typography are like a visual sign of the changes taken place during those years in Poland. Among others they represent the beginning of freedom – also in trade. This year an album has been published with the same title.


In the presentation given by Polish font designer Łukasz Dziedzic, who is the author of one of the most popular fonts, he elaborated on his way of working, how the process of creating fonts was like and the aims to create each one of them.

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photos: Edyta Dufaj

Featured poster: Andrzej Wójtowicz