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A camper out of the trunk of your car

Double bed, cooker, sink and shower – only some things we can get out of the trunk of our car, thanks to Czech Studio 519.

There’s no need to rent, and especially to buy an RV for comfortable camping today – even if we used to dream about it earlier. The campers equipped with all the good stuff are now available in Hungary, too – it’s enough to think of the supercool vehicle of vanlifehungary transformed from a Fiat Ducato, which we can take to spend a weekend at Lake Balaton or even for a larger tour (or it can take us, to be more accurate).

Czech company Egoé – whom we have already featured in a previous article – has always made sure they offered comfy, user-friendly and last but not least cool accessories to the kings of roads, who also like slowing down and getting lost in nature in addition to riding free on the roads. The latest product of the company, the modular trunk extension allowing its users to transform their car into a camper was designed especially for them. 

The steel framed set designed by Studio 519 comes in four sizes to suit a wide range of cars, and has all the things necessary for joyful camping: a comfortable bed for two, cooker, mini-fridge, sink and if all this wasn’t enough, we can also complement it with a camping shower attachment. 

Source:  deezen.com

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