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Amongst trees, while still in the city | Ultra Architects X InsideARCH

The family home designed by Ultra Architects is located amidst trees, while still in the Polish capital. Its interior was designed by interior design studio InsideARCH, in complete harmony with nature.

The house located on the outskirts of Warsaw and boasting a simple design evokes the cozy vibe of forest cabins and retreats. Its façade is clad in red pine wood, as a result of which it fits well into its environment and the pine forest surrounding it.

The building lies on 260 square meters, with an interior characterized by open and airy spaces: its emphatic elements include the ground floor unit covered in glass, offering a marvelous view over the surrounding landscape. This is where the kitchen, the dining room and the living room is located, where the residents spend the majority of their free time.

Adjusting the interior of the house to the neighboring pine forest in complete harmony with its visual appearance has been a main aspect from the very beginning. Thus the central elements of the interior include the oakwood floor, the various wooden furniture elements and natural textiles, being in complete harmony with the glass green, dark blue, dark red, pink and gold tones.

Photos: Yassen Hristov

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