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Another take on parking | Edison 333

London-based Colorsponge . did something that will make all cyberpunk fans electrified. Each and every frame of the “Edison 333” comes with a true “Blade Runner” feeling, and all of it is CGI!

We came across the couple of very expressive frames presenting a fictive story in the not so far future on the Abduzeedo site launched by Fabio Sasso. The creator is the CGI artist working under the name Colorsponge ., who is a true master of lights and effects. The coolness of the abandoned parking house, the indispensable neon signs the light of lamps reflected from the hood and the texture of the imperfect concrete forms a perfect blend, which could easily be one of the scenes of the films “Blade Runner” or “Drive”.

Unfortunately we couldn’t decide whether „Edison 333” was made for a real order or it’s just a fictive ad, but after all, it doesn’t really matter. In any case, Edison ParkFast offering parking spaces in certain quarters of New York, New Jersey and Baltimore can be thankful for the really cool frames.

You can check out the entire series on the creator’s Behance page.

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