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Brain Bar 2020 postponed

The coronavirus epidemic infuses almost every segment of our lives – our world is facing entirely new challenges. To this end, the biggest European festival on future will expressly focus on restarting after the crisis under the title Reboot!, now in September instead of the previously announced date in June. The campaign image of the popular event has been designed by 235 Productions this year.

Adjusting to the changed circumstances, the Brain Bar team postpones the festival originally scheduled to June 4-5, 2020 to September 18-19, 2020. The organizers of the festival also prepare with a full-scale online solution in case the restrictions concerning larger events are still on during the fall. The extraordinary Brain Bar festival will go under the name Reboot!.

“For a festival defining itself as a festival on the future, making post-crisis reboot the main theme this year is more than obvious. We would like to help our audience navigate in the post-epidemic world in our usual way: with leading international speakers and advanced knowledge” – told us Brain Bar Founder Gergely Börszörményi-Nagy.

The topics will include managing global threats similar to coronavirus including climate change, war risks, the survival of startups during the crisis, the future of the European Union as well as the active preparation for the next pandemic. Of course there will also be typical Brain Bar star guests regardless of the main theme of this year’s festival, including French hoverboard inventor Franky Zapata or the notorious Russian startup Promobot  offering humanoid robots to their customers made after the customers themselves.

Optimist post-apocalypse

After Elevate (see our previous material), the campaign image of this year’s festival is once again designed by an extremely cool Hungarian team, 235 Productions. “A part of our mission is to provide opportunity to various creative workshops from time to time. If you want a bold and urban, yet beautiful and palpable style, Dani Blik and his team are the best in the country. This is exactly what we needed right now. We asked them to create an exciting visual world for Brain Bar, conveying the message of rebooting, the crisis that changes everything as well as our optimism” – told us Gergely Böszörményi-Nagy.

In the context of designing the festival’s image, Dániel Blik, co-founder of 235 told us that they could identify with the task easily, as they are also very eager to see when the moment of “reboot” comes. “They asked us to create a post-apocalyptic illustration, not necessarily staying on the ground of reality. Accordingly, in continuous consultation with Gergely Böszörményi-Nagy, we only allowed spectacular deviations for ourselves, which are, at the same time, not extraneous to the original concept, in order to create an even more moving communication for the event. The main emphasis is on freedom and our faith in the future, when we will be able to take back our fates into our own hands” – he added.

For further information about Brain Bar, visit the website of the festival and the Facebook page of the event.

It’s important to highlight that Brain Bar is still available to students and teachers for free, who can register on the Brain Bar’s website. The tickets already purchased will be valid for the new date, but a refund option is also available until June.

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