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Build your car like LEGO | Electric Brands

The same way our needs change as we age, we might need different equipment in the various stages of our lives, too. This applies to cars, too. In the beginning, we make do with a smaller or sporty one, but later on we rather go for larger and stronger models. German Electric Brands proposes a cost-effective solution for using a single vehicle all through our life.

Owing to the LEGO-like, modular solution, we can choose between two chassis variants, which can be configured into at least 10 different types of vehicles. We can have a minivan and a jeep at the same time, but a pickup or a truck is possible, too.

The vehicle called eBussy is electric, and owing to its batteries and solar foils of up to 8m2, we can travel up to 300 kilometers without further changing.

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source: designboom

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