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Bus Station | Nitra

This time, the Czech mmcité+ designing and implementing different bus, train and tram stations designed a bus station for the city of Nitra, Slovakia. Here it comes.

The new, elegant and modern bus station was built based on the designs of designcité+ creative studio, having almost 30 years of experience, to the absolute joy of the city dwellers as well as the people commuting there. The construction works were carried out by mmcité+  (the namesake is not a coincident: basically we are talking about two separate units of the same company that are building on each other – the editor). 

The designing and implementation of several train stations, bus and tram stations as well as the street furniture belonging to them is linked to the Czech company. They have made their marks in several Hungarian, Slovakian and Polish small towns and bigger cities, and in 2018 they were assigned to construct bus stations in Gelsenkirchen, Germany and in St. Gallen, Switzerland, too. One of our personal favorites is the train station in Čelákovice, where they were able to preserve the classic form of the building of the station, by complementing it with the modern roof structure running along the platform. 

The passengers waiting at the bus station in Nitra are protected from rain and direct sunlight by a contiguous roof structure. The designers offered a plain and practical solution for the crucial points of water discharge, lighting and statics: the electric cables are hidden in black supporting elements (also important from the point of statics), while the white ones discharge rainwater. The plain black and white atmosphere is broken by turquoise-colored signs – these indicate the platforms, similarly to the illuminating numbers on the columns. 

The minimal outlook is further enhanced by the built-in lighting elements and the selective waste bins integrated into the supporting columns. Decorative graphical elements can only be found on the glass curtains located at the stops: the signs of public roads merge into an exciting pattern on these surfaces.

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