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A Bauhaus-inspired seven-passenger car with monthly subscription? You guys know, we are in California, right? We’ll see about that, but it’s already worth having a dispute about and see how it is imagined. I think the “Bauhaus-inspired” attribute is slightly too much, but we can get past that; they say it means that they tried to get rid of everything that does not have a function and solve everything in the simplest possible way. In terms of interior, it rather makes me think of the cars in the classic sci-fis of the 70s and the 80s, which, by the way, I have no problem with.

According to the description, the vehicle can do approx. 400 kilometers with a full tank, and is charged to 80% within half an hour, which does not sound bad at all. Neither does the rental scheme. If we look at MOL Limo or other similar car sharing services as well as other car-related and global trends, it becomes quite obvious that these options are both viable and useful. 

If the BMW I3 popped into your mind that is no coincidence, rather the work of Richard Kim, who designed both models, which can be seen from many features: the large homogenous internal surfaces or the surprisingly huge interior compartment.

I will let you make the judgment in terms of aesthetics – I like it, but let’s be careful with all the electronic, sharing and self-drive car concepts, because some of them will never be what we expected them to be.

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