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Celebration of Love: Nora Sarman 2020

The pieces of the summer-fall collection of Nóra Sármán were made for the moments we will remember forever. They accompany the life-altering steps of our lives, they elate the celebration, and are all about the ritual. We talked about the campaign created for the Celebration of Love“ collection with graphic artist and designer Zsófi Szabó.

We have already introduced the “Celebration of Love” collection after Fashion Week briefly, however, in the past few days, the collection’s romantic and mystical photo campaign has also been launched. The art director of the completed campaign materials was Zsófi Szabó, who has been working as the brand manager of the Nora Sarman team since 2018.

Floating, thinking on a completely different plane, the joy of creating together. Working with Nóri is like stepping out from the average, everyday life“ – Zsófi told us.

The pieces of the collection dress mythological characters, while the scene is a romantic and exciting world differing from everyday life, existing on a different plane. One of the greatest sources of inspiration for the concept and communication materials of the campaign was Michael Hoffmann’s movie “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” from 1999. 

The fairies and mythological creatures live their life in harmony with nature, enjoying themselves, away from the city, on the antique ruins overgrown with tendrils and flowers. Mortals live in palaces, they overcome the feeling of perishableness with vast spaces and magnificent buildings. The contrasts of these two worlds, the meeting of the world of tales and reality is the mood we imagined worthy of the celebration of love“ – Zsófi explained. 

The dresses used in the campaign were selected with care. The pieces made with special techniques and expressing the atmosphere of “Celebration of Love” the most were put in the focus of the photo shoot.

Actress Juli Jakab was asked to model for the shoot, whose charming and cool character fitted into the concept perfectly: blonde locks, fairy-like splendid make-up, a little naughtiness and tattoos appearing here and there. According to Zsófi, Nora Sarman brides are modern women who are not afraid to be who they are and are comfortable in extraordinary pieces, too. Nóri’s dresses, in addition to being delicate and beautiful, are also very comfortable: they allow the brides to enjoy themselves and let them unfold their true personalities.

The crew of the photo material and film of the Celebration of Love campaign:

Photos: Kristóf Tóth

Film: Géza Vadas

Art direction: Zsofi Szabo Design

Campaign model: Juli Jakab 

Lookbook model: Klarissza Fodor, Visage Models Hungary

Make up: Barbara Keserű

Hair: Simon Radván

Headpiece: Vecsei Millinery

Flowers and decoration: Flóra Floral Botanical Atelier

Shoes: Nora Sarman for Cango&Rinaldi 

Venue: Öreg Tölgy Kastély-Fogadó, Pusztazámor

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