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Contemporary artworks on iconic Levi’s® Trucker jackets

The Levi’s® Trucker denim jacket has been serving as a canvas for the artists of the world since its launch in 1967, from Venice Beach in Los Angeles to Brazilian favelas. From November, the iconic jackets will also give room to the creativity of six contemporary Hungarian artists in the framework of a special collaboration – on top of it all, these special items are up for bids at the charity auction of Autistic Art held in December.

There are certain eternal and classic pieces which you simply can’t go wrong with. Levi’s® Trucker is one of them for sure – generations have been wearing it to this day, from spring to fall, all around the globe. The design made more than 50 years ago, the V-seam pockets, the branded metal buttons make this denim jacket recognizable from afar, and by adding a few pins, patches or contemporary artworks, we can make them truly one of a kind.

“The Trucker jacket has served as a uniform and creative surface for generations of artists for decades”– said  István Skiba, the brand’s District Manager in Hungary and Greece.

Levi’s® worked with art manager Luca Jakab on their latest campaign, dubbed the Levi’s® Trucker Art Project. Luca told us that she also has a used Trucker, which she bought second-hand in East London, in the Mecca of vintage shops, on Brick Lane. She usually doesn’t shop by brand, but she agrees that the iconic character of Levi’s jackets is indisputable. She also appreciates that the American brand has been trying to contribute to sustainability over the past years, for example by using less water and toxic materials when producing their clothes. On top, the recycling wave has also reached the brand – as a meeting point between art and fashion, a second-hand denim jacket can be a perfect platform for creative freedom.

Keeping these in mind, Luca has chosen six Hungarian artists whose fresh perspective matches the project well. 

“I was looking for artists whose style and message can become just as iconic as a Levi’s’ jacket. I wanted to see characteristic jackets that fit into popular culture and carry a positive message of some sort. My biggest problem was that I could only invite six creators; I had plenty of other ideas, as there are countless talented graphic designers and painters here, in Hungary”– Luca shared.

The jackets created in the framework of the Levi’s® Trucker Art Project feature the works of Áron Baráth, Kata Bereczki, Csaba Klement, Miklós Kiss, Dániel Labrosse and Fanny Pápay. We managed to reach four out of the six, and asked them about their designs and what this all means to them.

“I wanted to make a jacket that stands out at first glance. The colors and their placement were inspired by early nineties old-school sweaters, and by highlighting them with contours, I was looking for a drawing-like effect as if I had drawn the jacket itself, too. Its pattern was inspired by parties and dancing, which most of us miss very much these days. I strived to portray joy, community experience and euphoria. If someone was to purchase this jacket because I painted on it, it has my figures and on top I also get to help an important cause, it’s great” – Csaba Klement told us.

“I wanted to paint a scene with a light theme, one that makes the jacket an even cooler, bolder and more extreme piece. The figures of the scene look out from the picture, address the audience and sort of “wink” at them. I think it is very important to take art out of the walls of galleries every now and then and to bring it closer to people. This project is a great opportunity for this, and on top we also get to support Autistic Art Foundation with it” – Kata Bereczki shared.

“The Levi’s® Trucker is a classic piece, evoking Woodstock and the San Francisco flower power movement for me, symbolizing the importance of individual freedom and togetherness, which is once again very relevant today. I portrayed this on the jacket in my own style, in the form of a figure with a flower as a head” – Dani Labrosse explained.

“What makes a mass product unique? The jacket I designed was made with the T-shirt printing technology available in all shopping centers. Intentionally, because uniqueness can be questioned more this way, and the irony is even more emphatic.  I would also like to collaborate with similar large brands in the future and this was a great first try”– Miklós Kiss told us.

The audience could check out the cool jackets until November 30 in the capsules of glass covered advertising columns located at certain frequented spots in Budapest – in Kristóf tér, Fővám tér and Károly körút. They are up for bids at the platform of Autistic Art’s annual charity auction until December 10. 

Regarding Autistic Art Foundation, Luca highlighted:

“It is exceptional how they give a voice to people on the spectrum with their art program, thus completely repositioning their role in society. It would have been hard to find anything better than them, not to mention that supporting such a valuable and professional organization also looks good on Levi’s®’ resume.

The proceeds of selling the Levi’s® jackets designed by the artists invited will be donated to Autistic Art Foundation and the programs supported by the same.

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