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Design cabin, for an affordable price | Meet Hello Wood Kabinka!

After the super cool Workstation cabin, meet Hello Wood’s latest development, Kabinka. One may also order the compact tiny house drawing on the architectural heritage of Hungarian villages in a flat-packed version, if they have the courage.

The “tiny-house” movement earning more and more popularity in Hungary unites people living and building consciously. There’s a growing number of people who love silent retreats in the nature and adventurous housing options, wishing to go off-grid when on holiday. Kabinka, Hello Wood’s latest, affordably priced tiny house was designed precisely for them, as it can be used as a weekend retreat or a private workstation depending on our needs, but is also perfect for companies needing a community space or a conference room.

One has to assume many compromises when building their own weekend house or an extra work station. This is where Hello Wood’s limited series cabin manufactured with a simple yet cutting-edge technology comes into the picture.  Designed and manufactured in Hungary, Kabinka targets those who prioritize economy, simplicity and a compact yet clean way of life.

Kabinka, drawing on the architectural heritage of the Hungarian countryside in its form, comes in four sizes, between 12 and 20 square meters, and it can easily fit a kitchenette, desk, couch and stove. The interior outfitted with heating and cooling option can be equipped to be a functioning home through spring until fall. 

We shouldn’t forget about impact on the environment, either: owing to low energy consumption and eco-consciousness, the construction of the tiny house is more eco-friendly than a house built with traditional technologies and non-renewable resources.

The next step of the product development process is implementing flat-packing, to allow the client to build the cabin from the prefab elements. In addition to smart design, this is possible through the use of innovative solutions, including the application of industrial wall panels in a design environment. Even though the DIY solution is still unconventional in Hungary in the case of tiny houses, Hello Wood (also pursuing educational activities) believes that everyone can reveal their long forgotten senses and skills when they concentrate on wood and creation.

The dimensions of the basic (size S) cabin:

external height: 4.06 m | ground space: 12 m²internal height: 3.90 m | additional size variations:  M: 14.9 m² | L: 17.3 m² | XL: 20 m² + 9.6 m²  terrace

Design and construction: Hello Wood Kft. | Creative concept: András Huszár, Péter Pozsár, Dávid Ráday, Krisztián Tóth | Lead designer: Péter Pozsár | Project architect: Péter Oravecz

Photos: Zsuzsa Darab

Did you miss Hello Wood’s Workstation cabin? No worries, you can check it out here!

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