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design LAB | The online meetings start soon

The Hungarian Fashion and Design Agency launches incubation program design LAB to promote fruitful collaborations between manufacturers and designers, who can apply for the program with a joint project. To facilitate the establishment of successful collaborations, the Agency organizes a virtual “Speed Dating” event, in the framework of which the manufacturers and designers can get to know each other and assess the potential of their collaboration via 15-20 minute webcam interviews. In order for the rapid negotiations to be as successful and effective as possible, the HFDA created a Preparation guide laying out the most important topics that should be covered during the meetings.

The designers and manufacturers can apply for the monetary aid offered by the design LAB incubation program jointly, primarily for implementing furniture, home decor and textile products. You can learn more about the details here. The project connects the professionalism of manufacturers with the creativity of designers in the framework of new collaborations, for which it is indispensable for the right partners to find each other. To that end, the Agency organizes an online Speed Dating  event on June 10 in the course of which multiple manufacturers and designers can discuss the possibilities of cooperation via separate webcam interviews. The aim of the virtual meeting is for the participants to find the person with whom they want to cooperate at the end of the event.

How should the participants prepare for the Speed Dating event?

For effective meetings, both parties should prepare for the event properly: there will be a possibility to present their portfolios and reference works in separate 6-8 minutes. During the 15-20 minutes meeting, the parties should discuss as many aspects as possible, starting from ideas, through goals and preferences to the conditions and product specifications they imagine the possible collaborations with. For the sake of successful meetings, the Agency compiled a Preparation guide for those interested, listing the aspects necessary for preparation.

A Preparation guide for effective negotiations

The Preparation guide lays out key topics that are important to discuss with the partner and that contributes to the parties seeing through all the details necessary for collaboration at the end of the meetings. Not only does it include the details necessary for implementation, but also the basic factors pertaining to writing the tender. In the course of the meetings, the participants should also discuss matters such as the business plan, schedule, financial plan, or the roles and responsibilities in the project – these are also outlined by the document.

Application is already open

Participation is subject to registration. Applicants must sign and send the registration form as well as the related privacy and confidentiality statement via electronical means. Applicants should send their registrations to the e-mail address designlab@hfda.hu. The manufacturers can submit their application until May 25, and the designers will be able to choose whom they would like to have a meeting with until June 2.

You can download the Preparation guide  here  

Cover: HFDA
Source: press release

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