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The DOT for You designs brand is celebrating it’s 5th birthday this year, and for the occasion, they created a uniquely beautiful, limited collection, which will be introduced at the TOBE Gallery on the 4th of December at a pop-up fare.

DOT for You was founded by Erika Baglyas graphic artist with the purpose of finding a kind balk in the world of paper, print methods, bindery, where she can achieve the experimental minimalism, where the days of boring notebooks come to an end.

Irka 2020

The DOT for YOU design brand’s IRKA diaries has been produced in Hungary since 2014, in limited quantity, and in premium quality. The production is possible via community financing because the quality-creating powers of human communities do exist. The production of the IRKA diaries is based on local labor and resources. The DOT for YOu notebooks are made with paper with FSC qualification because they believe that we can also do something about a sustainable future.  

This winter it has been 5 years since I made the decision that started off DOT for You in a studio apartment on the 3rd floor of a tenement in the 7th district. I thought You and I also deserve a similar experiment this time around, so we created the limited edition collection of IRKA agenda-book 2020, consisting of 106 pieces.  Every piece is unique, there is no identical constellation on the covers. It’s a true charring-travel, stamping-experiment, aesthetic orgasm.” – says Erika Baglyas. 

Using the graphics of the IRKA 2020 collection, Erika stamped the unique pieces of EXCLUSIVE IRKA 2020 with intense attention. Because every single piece was made with extra time and attention compared tot he ones before, the commercial value is also higher than the 600 pieces other limited series.

The EXCLUSIVE IRKA 2020 diary will be offered an even more beautiful cover like the ones before, it is intended to be a very special gift. Every piece will be manually counted and signed.

December 4-én, a You will get the chance on the 4th of December at the TOBE Gallery, to ask Erika Baglyas graphic artist, designer, the founder and frontman of DOT for You brand to sign your copy and to write a personalized message to the person you want to gift it to. Also very important: the EXCLUSIVE IRKA 2020 agenda-books can only be purchased on this sole occasion.

On this special occasion, the Hungária Pezsgő will be responsible for drinks, and PanniCake Tortaműhely for the good bites.

Be punctual not to miss anything!

For more information visit the Facebook page of the event.

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