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Duvet-inspired collection for times of isolation

Latvian designer Santa Kupča created her Stuck-at-Home Masquerade collection inspired by her home and the endless Zoom calls.

As the student of Design Academy Eindhoven puts it, the project is a fashion diary, documenting the experience of isolation in the form of clothing items. The items printed with a gradient design and decorated with book spines and days marked in a calendar evoke quilted duvets in their texture, and are made of materials found in the designer’s home.

“Talking on screens and in Zoom conversations became an everyday thing, which often made me confused – I felt like I was in an in-between place, not entirely at home, not entirely there in the conversation. I was distracted by wanting to see how I looked on the screen while talking to other people and if my background and the lights around me looked good enough. I suddenly felt like I was trying to stage everything around me, which was the starting point of Stuck-at-Home Masquerade” – the Latvian designer explained.

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Source: dezeen

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