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“Every piece is personal” | JVCKA

Interplay of various structures combined with pastel and vibrant colors and naturalness: each and every piece of the JVCKA brand is hand-knitted, in the spirit of slow design. New Hungarian brand on the horizon!

The brand was established by Judit Nagy, who graduated from the Department of Textile Design of Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design. Not long after finishing her studies, Judit decided to move to Berlin where her design career began. First she worked for a Canadian label where she was in charge of leather accessories, then she made clothes for a German designer with the technique of hand-knitting—this was the first time she realized that she rather wanted to pursue her own designs. After returning to Budapest, she started to form an interest in the world of filmmaking. “The real breakthrough came during the lockdown in last spring. This was when I became absolutely sure that I wanted to launch my own brand. I’ve been longing for it for a long time and I felt it was the perfect opportunity,” Judit shared with us.

In addition to practicability, comfort and eco-friendliness, self-expression and identity also play a key role in her pieces. “The clothes we choose tell a lot about ourselves and our personality. As a designer, I consider it important that customers can resonate and identify with the product and that they feel like themselves when wearing them,” she pointed out.

As she specialized in knitted garments at the university, it was evident to her that she’d want to pursue this technique later on, too, may it be manual or machine knitting. “I am particularly drawn to hand-knitting: my grandma taught me the technique before I went to university and I fell in love with it immediately,” she explained.

An important aspect in the philosophy of the JVCKA brand is quality, thus all items are made of Oeko-Tex compliant fabrics, primarily of wool, alpaca and cotton yarn. 

“Uniqueness is another important factor, since I take part in the process from the very beginning, I’m there in every moment. This is what gives the personality of each item, because experiences and thoughts are attached to each piece. Each of them has their own story,” Judit added.

When choosing the knitting technique, the designer always tries to deviate from conventional solutions, the ones we can see on the shelves of fast fashion stores. 

The JVCKA brand released its first collection with pieces for both men and women as well as unisex designs. Their selection includes hats, cardigans as well as cropped and longline sweaters, which all come in a variety of colors. 

Judit is currently working on her latest collection, focusing on open-work tops, midi and long dresses and T-shirts. Go and explore these comfy and natural knitted pieces!

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