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Favorite interiors of the week_33

Each week, we share the most gorgeous, inspiring and coolest interiors that we’ve come across in the past few days. Here comes some perfect eye candy to browse through while sipping your Saturday morning coffee, which you can also use as inspiration for your own homes. We hope we won’t get stuck within the four walls again, but if so, we would even be willing to endure another quarantine in these impressive, generous spaces. A round-up from Athens to London. 

Guest house in a building built in the thirties | Stamos Michael | Athens, Greece

The meeting of rustic and modern in an 18th century loft | CASCA | Lisbon, Portugal

Amsterdam’s coolest residence in an old gymnasium | Robbert De Goede | Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Apartment and gallery on 230 square meters | Amélie du Chalard | Paris, France

Half-renovated old town home | Carlesa Olivera | Mallorca, Spain

The serenity of a small cabin in a 2-story house | Studio De.materia | Karpacz, Poland

A dream loft for sale in London | Chris Dyson | London, United Kingdom

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